“Claire has a rare mix of abilities that allows her to not only craft concise, on-brand, professional copy and communication, but also guide high-level branding and positioning exercises that turn mere ideas into fully developed brands.”
— Mitchell Cuevas, Techstars
“Claire is a thoughtful, poised, and concise communications professional who does so many things well. From concept to production, she excels in both content strategy and creation. Her empathetic and refined listening skills set her apart in a crowded field — when you explain what you need to Claire, you know you have been heard.” 
— Amy Dickson, Marketing Communications
“Claire is so smart. She “gets it” right away—even the complicated stuff. Another thing about Claire you’ll notice from the get-go: creativity. She’ll be throwing out (good) ideas before the rest of the room has even finished processing the information. She’s passionate about communications and PR, too. It’s evident. It was a pleasure working with Claire.”
— Cassie Sanchez, Spare5 (Mighty AI)